TALENTED considers the relation established with candidates and customers to be of the utmost importance. Honesty, respect, sense of service, listening ability and fairness are qualities that TALENTED wishes to convey through six fundamental values that we share with our collaborators.


TALENTED only accepts an assignment if we are convinced that we are able to fulfil it efficiently. As a mark of respect for candidates and customers, TALENTED commits to communicate honestly and sincerely, including in the most delicate situations. Moreover, TALENTED constantly ensures that every stakeholder involved in a recruitment process is informed of the progress status.


Because every customer is unique and has his own needs and requirements, TALENTED sets out to develop a tailor-made process and to establish a meaningful relationship before, during and after each assignment.


With a constant objective of responsiveness and customer satisfaction in mind, TALENTED ensures that consultants remain highly available. More generally, TALENTED commits to devote the necessary energy to achieve concrete results and meet the deadlines agreed with each customer.


TALENTED is sworn to professional confidentiality and never communicates any identity or confidential information without prior agreement of the customer or the candidate involved. For highly-confidential recruitment processes, TALENTED makes sure that a confidentiality agreement is signed by every candidate before disclosing any piece of information.


Beyond legal and regulatory provisions, TALENTED pays close attention to the respect of equal opportunities and non-discrimination principles. More than simple awareness-raising, this is the daily state of mind of our consultants to promote diversity.


TALENTED commits to carry out a mission to the sole condition that it does not bear any conflict of interests for the firm. TALENTED strictly prohibits the direct approach of candidates working for its customers and commits to communicate openly on any situation that could harm an established partnership.


NB: candidate and customer are generic terms. They may just as well describe a male or female candidate and a male or female customer.