Recruitment in Engineering

In the context of today’s globalised and highly competitive economy, the future of the industrial sector in developed countries mostly relies on the ability of companies to innovate and to continuously improve their performances. Searching for disruptive innovations, reducing product development cycles, optimising production processes, maintaining a high quality level are so many crucial stakes to ensure the sustainability...
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Recruitment in Property & Construction

The real estate sector, and more generally the construction sector, constantly needs to adapt to the economic changes ruling the business volume. Trades have become more complex and diversified in order to address the new market requirements, whether financial, technical, or regulatory. Despite a slight decline of the real estate market over the past few years, some activities are still expanding a lot and the whole...
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Recruitment in Supply Chain & Purchasing

The supply chain and purchasing trades belong to those that have faced most changes over the past two decades. Whether they are an integral part of the company or partially subcontracted, they have become a key element to differentiate and optimise performances. Developing a purchasing strategy, implementing a logistics and transport master plan, maintaining a high-level customer service ratio, reducing costs are so many...
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Recruitment IS & New Technologies

More than ever before, new technologies and information systems represent a source of value creation. Previously seen as a simple support to the operational activities, experts in these fields are now vital to an organisation’s growth and development. With transversality and flexibility their guiding principle, they support companies on their path to digital transformation. Defining a global IT strategy, implementing a master...
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External Talent Pooling

Beyond managing key collaborators and high potentials, every manager or HRD is obviously interested in discovering new talents who will contribute to the development of their companies in a near future. Although frequently equipped with high-performance software, HR teams have to face a tight management of their agenda or a lack of internal resources and they are not able to devote all the energy necessary to so-called...
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